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BACKTAGGING: continue tagging past the point of no return?
Yes please! I'll try and backtag as much as I can since I'm disappearing randomly for projects but please please let me know if you'd like to continue with a post!
THREADHOPPING: can i jump in? can he? can she?
Sure! If the situation really has a great jump in, especially for friends or castmates made, feel free to!
FOURTHWALLING: given the nature of the game, can your character be fourth walled. if so, to what extent. please be specific.
Probably can. She's from a video game and an internet web series that's rather popular. If someone from the real world knew of it it can totally be 4th walled.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS aka TRIGGERS: Oh man I don't think anything really triggers dis baby other than Roman getting hurt or threatened. Her loyalty lies the most with him.


SPECIES: Cute little shit. As far as I KNOW she's some kind of enhanced human. Her eyes are able to change colors and her aura is high for their world which I can explain more below. But for now, we'll just go with REALLY flexible and strong human.
ABILITIES / SUPERNATURAL POWERS: So far, and my headcanon along with a lot of the fandom is that Neo is MUTE. So I try to play her as one.

Neo seems to be able to make people flip around as if they THINK they're going to hit her but turn mirror imaged and around. She can disappear and look like glass shattered. She's limber, flexible and can dodge a ridiculous amount of blows. She's pretty sadistic sometimes and like to toy with her food, so to speak. Her eyes change color which seem to be effected by her moods. Usually they're brown, sometimes it's one brown one pink, sometimes they're pink, and when she gets in the zone or crazy, they go white (either completely or one of her eyes will turn white).
PHYSICAL AFFECTION: platonic. romantic. sexual. tell us what you're ok / not ok with.
I am okay with just about every kind of affection there is. I'm all for it. I do ship her with Roman but in a multiworld game, anyone can wiggle their way in! She's a bit of a psycho and might be possessive.
PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: fighting. death. tell us what you're ok / not ok with.
I'M DOWN FOR INFLICTING. I'm down for her getting hurt in order to at least protect someone like Roman or a comrade she's loyal to. I will totally do fight scenes and would love to collab with her being a hit for hire.
MIND-READING / TELEPATHY: can able characters peer into their mind?
Probably not? Her mind would be fuzzy jumbled and ice cream. I get the feeling she has a good control over making sure NO ONE invades her privacy.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS aka TRIGGERS: subjects that rub them the wrong way. be as brief or as in depth as you feel necessary. note! this is not information for other characters to use IC, but, instead, for OOC use only. please speak to muns about using character triggers.
Anyone hurting Roman. Other than that, not really. She's a little shit and she'll probably do more damage than good.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Tiny. TINY TINY TINY. She's 4'9 in her heels so without shoes, girl is like 4'7, 4'5.
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WHO: Roman and Neo
WHAT: A sacrifice is needed.

Rated M for potential triggering imagery and death.

Closed to [personal profile] maybeitsmaybelline


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